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Hairy Cow Ears are very high in protein and super low in fat. With less than 5% fats in each ear they make a fantastic choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or requires food and treats that have low fat contents.

Having the fur on them is a huge benefit! Not only will they support great oral health benefits when chewed due to the abrasive action, they will assist in helping with deworming your dog and clearing out any parasites or bits of undigested foods from the intestinal tract!

They are a 100% single source protein natural treat that has been air dried to lock in tons of goodness. They are relativity long lasting and has a low odour compared to some other natural treats!

We always advice that every treat you give your dog they are supervised at all time and have a fresh supply of drinking water.

Composition: 100% Beef

  • Protein 81.00%
  • Fat 3.80%
  • Ash 5.00%
  • Moisture 10.20%

Treat Bag - Hairy Cow Ears - 3 Pack

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