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Welcome to Canine Country Kitchen, where our love for dogs and dedication to their well-being merges with our dedication to a delightful array of all-natural treats.

Where it all Began

Our journey started in August 2019 when we introduced all-natural treat boxes alongside our dog walking services, adding an extra layer of joy to our furry clients' weekly routines.

As the challenges of Covid emerged, we adapted by converting our summer house into a self-serve shop, complete with an honesty box. This unique setup allowed fellow dog lovers to easily grab premium treats for their pets during outdoor adventures, ensuring that the bond between pet and owner remained steadfast even in uncertain times.


Why All Natural? 

Our commitment to all-natural goodness stems from a personal    re-education after delving into the side effects of more commercial treat ingredients, following this revelation we tasked ourselves in sourcing and offering our furry and human clients alternative but delicious nourishing options.

Beyond providing all-natural treats, we passionately advocate for the advantages of a raw-fed diet for dogs.

More than just a treat box, Canine Country Kitchen is a celebration of the love shared with our four-legged friends and a steadfast commitment to their health and happiness through the pure goodness of nature.


Join us in creating a world where every treat is a step towards a healthier, happier dog!

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