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Fresh, Local, Delivered
Your Pet's Health Journey Starts Here!

Explore Our Range of Tail-Wagging Goodies!

Who says you can't buy happiness? In our shop, every item is a ticket to your dog's bliss. Great deals, healthy eats, and treats that'll have your pup doing the 'I got new food' dance!


Boost Wellness: Natural Supplements for Dogs!

Purely Raw: Shop Whole, Fresh Dog Food!

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All Natural Hygiene : Healthy, Natural, Clean

Nature's Nibbles: Healthy Dog Treats Await!

Natural & Delicious

At Canine Country Kitchen, we believe that the best treats for your furry friend are the ones made with natural ingredients. We use only the best quality ingredients to ensure that your dog gets the tastiest and healthiest treats.

Handmade with Love

All of our treats are homemade with love at our shop in Littleborough. We take pride in our work and ensure that every treat is carefully crafted to perfection.

Sourced Locally

We source all of our ingredients locally and support other small businesses in the process. Our treats are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients that are good for your dog and good for the community.

Tail-Wagging Deliveries! Fresh, Convenient, and Right to Your Door!

Every product, from our nutrient-rich meals to our delightful treat boxes, is freshly prepared with the utmost care. Once you've made your selection and payment online, you can choose a convenient delivery day that fits your schedule. 

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